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Family Therapy | Family Relationships

Read inspiring stories of families healing, families meeting and families reuniting.

Family relationships can be complex, and siblings, children or parents can hold grudges for many years, but it’s heartening to hear stories of forgiveness and resolution.

If family is important to you, this section will speak to your heart. Who knows? You might even find that reading this is like family therapy for yourself!

Rags to Riches Story Proves That The American Dream Still Exists

Rags to Riches Story Proves That The American Dream Still Exists

How Founder Of Fit Body Boot Camp Went From Poor And Homeless To Successful Businessman. Growing up in USSR-ruled Armenia during the 1970s, Bedros Keulilan lived a lifestyle centered on the farfetched ideal of the American Dream. His father, who lived a relatively comfortable life in the Communist Party, saved his money with the goal of declaring his family as political refuges in Italy. After arriving in Italy, Bedros’ family then traveled to America, but minus all of their savings, which they had used just to escape. Bedros’ parents and siblings started a tailoring business to support themselves. Still, Bedros often found himself digging through dumpsters for food to feed the entire family. Through these early experiences, Bedros absorbed the value of hard work. He knew that despite his family’s hardships, he was fortunate to be in America.  In high school, Bedros figured he would become a mechanic, as he ...
Gary Numan On Overcoming Adversity In The Music Industry

Gary Numan On Overcoming Adversity In The Music Industry

How Gary Numan Keeps Rising Up After Setbacks, And How We Can Too... By Michael Nova Gary Anthony James Webb, more commonly known as Gary Numan, is somewhat of a legend in the Electronic music industry, having influenced such artists as Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West,  Prince, Foo Fighters and many more. He is widely considered one of the pioneers of industrial music. He first gained prominence as lead singer of the new wave band Tubeway Army, and then as a solo artist releasing The Pleasure Principle in 1979. His number-one hit singles "Are "Friends" Electric?" and "Cars" are considered classics, and while Gary's peak of popularity occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, his following remains strong more than 30 years later. This is not your typical music artist interview. For fans of the artist, we hope this interview gives you deeper insight into Gary's background and ...
From College Dropout To Ph.D- Dr. James Kelley's Crucible

From College Dropout To Ph.D- Dr. James Kelley’s Crucible

Dr. James Kelley is the host of the executives after hours podcast which he runs from Dubai, interviewing executives not about their businesses but about their personal journeys and what makes them successful. James has some great stories on how he was able to find himself and his mission in life, from dropping out of college to earning a PhD. We spend some time together by phone and although the phone connection was not the best quality, we think you'll still get a lot of value out of it. Dr. Kelley explains how he took the road less traveled to earn success and how you can too. Here's our interview with Dr. James Kelly ...
Overcoming Coronavirus, Cancer and Building Resilience.jpg

98 Year old Woman On Overcoming Coronavirus, Cancer and Building Resilience

Martha Davis is currently residing in a nursing home in Plymouth Massachusetts. She is a two time Cancer survivor, a COVID-19 Coronavirus survivor, and just celebrated her 98th birthday a few days ago. We were so impressed with her story that we ended up featuring Martha as one of the stars of our music video for the song, This Town by X: THC. To call Martha a survivor would be an understatement. She is the matriarch of the huge clan which spans the entire nation, and has experienced many setbacks during her life. Although we've already had one interview with her, unfortunately we could not complete it, because today she was scheduled for bladder cancer surgery. Once she recovers, we will be scheduling another interview session, which we will be sharing with you as soon as it's completed. Just wanted to give you this little preview as something to look ...
Inxchan helping children

Volunteer Vacation To Help Children In Nepal Recovering From Disaster

Family Overcomes Adversity By Creating Post-Disaster Volunteer Vacation Program. A  young entrepreneur who selflessly uses his many talents to help others is Sujan Pariyar, a civil engineering student from Nepal. But to get where he’s at today, Pariyar had to overcome a mountain of challenges, including a civil war in his own country, as well as a long-term separation from his father while his father worked in the Congo to facilitate peace negotiations in that war-torn country. Now he runs a non-profit organization called INXCHAN, offering volunteer vacations to help vulnerable, orphaned and underprivileged kids. Here’s his incredible story: CLICK PLAY To hear the featured musical soundtrack to this interview by the music group, X: THC.   So, you grew up in Nepal with a civil war erupting all around you. How did you cope with that challenge?   I came to Kathmandu with my mom and sister from Lamjung ...