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Family Therapy | Family Relationships

Read inspiring stories of families healing, families meeting and families reuniting.

Family relationships can be complex, and siblings, children or parents can hold grudges for many years, but it’s heartening to hear stories of forgiveness and resolution.

If family is important to you, this section will speak to your heart. Who knows? You might even find that reading this is like family therapy for yourself!

A Music Industry Success Story - Billy Amendola On The Importance Of Being Grateful

A Music Industry Success Story – Billy Amendola On The Importance Of Being Grateful

Billy Amendola is not only the editor at large of Modern Drummer Magazine, but he is also a musician himself. He is a well-known studio musician and as a member of the 70's disco band Mantus, achieved worldwide success. The band charted three Top-10 dance singles and toured the U.S., Canada, and Europe.   As a studio drummer, Billy also was one of the first to combine acoustic and electronic drums in the United States, and he received a triple platinum record award for playing on Debbie Gibson's smash hits "Only In My Dreams" and "Shake Your Love." Mantus reunited recently and has just released their new album,  EST-1976.    I've personally known Billy for many years. He and I played in a band together over a decade ago, and we've remained close friends ever since, so I was able to get him to open up and talk about a ...
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Mark Green rise up eight story

Mark Green’s Story Of Resilience And Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Military Service

Here's a story recently submitted to us from Mark Green. Mark has quite a story of overcoming difficult circumstances to triumph. If you've ever wondered why misfortunes seem to happen in bunches, Mark's story will fill you with hope, becoming a champion taekwondo athlete on the first team to be officially recognized by the military, being named “Soldier of the Year” for his battalion, to work his way up to becoming an officer, serving as an Inspector General in Afghanistan, and (as if that wasn't enough) earning a law degree. We think you'll enjoy how Mark took whatever life threw at him and result to change it for the better. What I learned from overcoming the misfortunes of adversity By Mark Green CLICK PLAY To hear the featured musical soundtrack to this story by X: THC. I am a 34-year Army Veteran who grew up in Missouri, the son of ...
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Sheena Metal Rise Up Eight

How To Succeed In Entertainment By Staying Positive and Never Giving Up With Sheena Metal

Sheena Metal, is a multi–faceted entertainment guru. She's a talk-show host, actress, musician, syndicated columnist, and internet personality and hosts the radio shows, "The Sheena Metal Experience" on LATalkRadio.com,"Haunted Playground" and Music Highway Radio which airs worldwide. CLICK PLAY To hear the featured musical soundtrack to this interview by X: THC. Sheena also hosts regularly at the Hollywood Improv, and has most recently created a wonderful nonprofit organization called Raising the Vibration - a global movement of peace, love, kindness and unity. Sheena shares how she overcame adversity to become successful in radio and entertainment. She was also kind enough to share how she overcame her lifelong health issues as well, so if you've ever had any health issues to drag you down, this should be helpful in getting you to look at things in a way that serves you. Here’s our interview with Sheena Metal. Do you have any ...
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From College Dropout To Ph.D- Dr. James Kelley's Crucible

From College Dropout To Ph.D- Dr. James Kelley’s Crucible

Dr. James Kelley is the host of the executives after hours podcast which he runs from Dubai, interviewing executives not about their businesses but about their personal journeys and what makes them successful. James has some great stories on how he was able to find himself and his mission in life, from dropping out of college to earning a PhD. We spend some time together by phone and although the phone connection was not the best quality, we think you'll still get a lot of value out of it. Dr. Kelley explains how he took the road less traveled to earn success and how you can too. Here's our interview with Dr. James Kelly ...
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Overcoming Obstacles In Life

Overcoming Obstacles In Life – From Foster Child To Teen Mom Drug Addict To Grad Student

Jessica Rodriguez went through an abusive childhood, drug addiction, teen pregnancy and more to now dedicating her life to helping others. We've often thought that the best people to help others are those that have been through difficult times in their lives because they understand what it takes to turn a life around. Jessica is one such person.   Living With Bipolar Disorder, How I Turned My Life Around To Help Others By Jessica Rodriguez. Since the age of fourteen I dreamed of helping others. Currently, I am a graduate student studying mental health counseling at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. However, there was a time in my life where college, and furthering my education, was nothing more than an unattainable fantasy for me. Much of my reality growing up was quite literally, what nightmares are made of... CLICK PLAY To hear the featured musical soundtrack to ...
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