About Us: Motivational Stories to Help Us Succeed


Featuring real-life, personal, inspirational stories of people
who rose above challenges in life to achieve the “impossible…”


fall down seven times rise up eightBased on the Japanese proverb that reads,
“Fall down seven times, stand up eight,”
we resolved not only to stand up, but to
RISE UP above the challenges that face us.


We’re here to share our real-life motivational stories, so you can gain a bit of perspective and strength hearing how we have fought through the toughest times in our lives, and made it through to rise up after falling down again and again…


MAKING MONEY doing what makes us feel fulfilled…

FINDING LOVE when it seemed that we were doomed to be alone…

HEALING family strife when we were only moving further apart…

OVERCOMING debilitating illness, when we thought it was over…

ACHIEVING what others called “impossible”…

and most of all…

What you can learn from our failures, and our triumphs


This is not theoretical, “thought leader” bullsh-t. These stories show hands-in-the-mud, real, honest, gritty, inspirational stories of how people rose up from the darkness to claim victory. These are inspirational stories that you will never forget, because they are about real people who overcame real challenges, not by thinking or talking, but by doing.


As Alex Rodriguez, the former New York Yankee baseball player said in his recent retirement speech on August 7th, when asked, “How would you like to be remembered”, he answered, “Most of all I’d like to be remembered as someone who tripped and fell a lot, but kept getting up.”


Whatever you may think of him as a former player and person, we think the statement and sentiment is what’s important.


inspirational stories

Blake Leeper & Jerome Singleton. http://www.paralympic.org

Inspirational People With Inspirational Stories


So who are we?


Ordinary people like you. Some famous, some not so famous, some never will be famous and don’t care to be!


We are from all walks of life; students, teachers, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, retailers, wholesalers, doctors, lawyers, realtors, writers, athletes, comedians, actors, DJs, directors, producers, restaurateurs, agents, salespeople, home builders, civil servants, bakers, cooks, cleaners and janitors… All inspirational people with transformational stories that will leave you with a feeling that anything is possible.


But it’s important to note that “inspirational people” are rarely born that way. They become inspirational people because they have done what others thought difficult or even “impossible”. So the people with inspiring stories featured here are just normal, everyday moms, dads sons and daughters that have had some kind of horrible/wonderful/terrible/incredible experience that has turned into a beautiful story.


Sometimes, the horrible and wonderful are one and the same, because what we perceive to be a curse initially, turns out to actually be a blessing. Many of the stories you will read from these inspiring people feature this common reoccurring theme. Why? Everyone has their own opinion, whether it be spiritual, religious or just luck of the draw.


Inspirational people Nick Vujicic

Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic, Photo by Trent Nelson via The Salt Lake Tribune

Motivational Stories


But those that know us personally know our stories. Some of these inspirational stories from the more well-known inspirational people here may have been told before, but in our interviews with them we go deeper to find out what really happened, behind the scenes.


These are transformational stories that have inspired those around us…our friends, our families and our communities. And we want to share them with the world. In short, we are a community of people that want to make a difference.


We all have unique inspirational stories, with two important things in common:

  • We’ve all fallen down seven times (oh, hell no, maybe SEVENTY times!), and
  • We want to share our motivational stories with the world to inspire others.

In life, it’s guaranteed that EVERYONE will “fall down seven times”. The question is: can you “rise up eight”?




Michael Nova, Founder of RiseUpEight.org has his own story of overcoming adversity featured here, and has been most recently interviewed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s website, Entrepreneur.com. He is Director of Nova Custom Printing in New York City, and has developed a proven track record of setting up and running several successful businesses simultaneously.


During production of his music group X: THC ‘s innovative music/film multimedia project, X: The Human Condition, Michael suddenly lost his eyesight due to the debilitating effects of Iritis and pigment dispersion syndrome and was stricken with Chronic Kidney Disease.


His recovery prognosis was doubtful, yet he unexpectedly fought off all these health challenges, including reversing the effects of Kidney Disease through alternative medicine. Now six years later, fully recovered and beginning work on X: THC’s long overdue follow-up album, he recently came to the realization that if his own story could inspire people to never give up, what if he could share hundreds of stories, from other people who never gave up, to inspire the world? And so, Michael’s story leads here, to the creation of RiseUpEight.org.


Adrienne DeVita, Digital Media Guru of RiseUpEight.org, is President of Digital Media Cube, a company that teaches small business owners the craft of online marketing. A former Senior Communications Specialist at AT&T, Adrienne started her own company 12 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since.


Adrienne’s purpose in life is to make a difference. It is what drives her, which includes personally being blessed with 17 rescued animals. They bring a smile to her face each day and warm her heart to be a better person. Anyone can be quite strong and driven if they have this in life—no matter what drives you personally.


Trevor LaClair, Social Media Intern/Researcher at RiseUpEight.org is an explorer from the Missouri Ozarks, who travels across the United States working as an outdoor and environmental educator.  He’s also a graduate student at Miami University working toward a Master’s Degree in Biology.  During his free time, he works as a freelancer creating stories and videos about wildlife and outdoor adventures, which can be viewed at trekkingwithtrevor.com.


Justin Cutler,  Writer at RiseUp Eight has a degree in Psychology and Leadership from the University of Maryland where he covered various Maryland sports teams for their sports radio station. He currently resides in New York City and enjoys sports, fitness and traveling. Justin is also involved in various organizations that aim to develop sports globally in communities that lack resources and exposure. He is passionate about mental and physical growth, which drives his goal-oriented lifestyle.


Samantha Mills, Writer at RiseUp Eight was born and still currently lives in Ontario, Canada on her parent’s farm in the countryside. She is currently attending the University of Waterloo where she is taking a glorified English program in order to become an under glorified writer. She has been writing for roughly ten years.


More bios to follow…