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Share Your Story

We look forward to sharing your story/interview/video with the world!

1. Interviews

if you’d like to be interviewed or would like to nominate someone to be interviewed, please send us an email with a brief summary of the story and we will be in touch.

2. Stories

if it is a narrative story, you can submit your story by email to us, and we will credit you as the author. We will also ask you to email us an original photo to illustrate the story.

Please note:

* You may not submit any copyrighted material without permission of its owner. That is against the law. You will need written permission to do use someone else’s material.

* Please limit your story to 1000 words maximum and send as a plain text email. Please do NOT include any attachments- no word docs, no photos. We have limited email capacity and one attachment can overload our email server.

*We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner

3. Videos

**Please Read BEFORE submitting video**


Please make sure to read everything carefully below before submission.


What constitutes a good story? It’s a story that inspires people to never give up.

If you don’t hear back from us right away, it doesn’t mean that we won’t get back to you. Please be patient. Please note, while we try to respond to each email that we are sent, we can’t guarantee that we will get back to you because of all the work we need to do.  Please consider joining our community and volunteering to help out so our small staff can get more work done. : )


Inspiring stories

Whether they be business related, relationship related, health related or family related.

The video can be you speaking to your smart phone or full-blown productions, but if they are just you speaking to the camera please keep it to a maximum of three minutes. The reason is below in the tips section…

What to Include:

ONLY include your name, city, country and a brief description of the video –three or four sentences maximum. If it sounds like a story we can cover, we will get back to you ASAP.

Please do not send large video files by email because our email account cannot handle that.

Just send us a description of the video first, or you can send us a link where we can watch.

Video Tips:

If recording with a smart phone PLEASE hold the device horizontally (as in the shape of a screen), NOT vertically. We can not accept videos shot vertically.

Most people only watch one to two minutes of a video on Facebook or twitter, or sometimes less. Please make the beginning of your video  compelling so people stick around to hear your full story.

If the most compelling part of your video is at 2:20, for example, trim your video to start right before that, otherwise, most of the audience will never hear the best part!


If you choose to submit a video link form you tube or elsewhere, we will likely download it and play it from our platform – it will get many more views that way.

If it’s a video of you, provide your existing website or Facebook link, and we’ll tag it.

By Submitting any of the above to us, you understand and agree to all of the above.

Please email all interview requests, video LINKS and stories to: info(at)RiseUpEight(dot)org


Thank you! We appreciate your contribution.