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Family Therapy | Family Relationships

Read inspiring stories of families healing, families meeting and families reuniting.

Family relationships can be complex, and siblings, children or parents can hold grudges for many years, but it’s heartening to hear stories of forgiveness and resolution.

If family is important to you, this section will speak to your heart. Who knows? You might even find that reading this is like family therapy for yourself!

Kim Castellano fall down seven times rise up eight

“A Walk in a Widow’s Shoes” – A Story Of Family Suicide Recovery

How To Survive Suicide Of A Loved One. Someone personally recommended Kim to us because she is someone who has experienced great loss, and yet she has turned that around to help others who find themselves in a similar situation. Kim Castellano is the author of the book, A Walk in a Widow’s Shoes. The book tells the story of how her husband committed suicide and how she was the one who found him. One can only imagine how horrific an experience that was for her. In her book, Kim tells her story, and at the same time educates her readers about what they might expect should this awful event occur to them. Not only did she have to deal with the emotional loss, but there were also legal, familial and societal issues to deal with as well. We asked Kim about this in detail in this interview... Kim, you ...
Simone Biles

How Adoption Helped Simone Biles Become World Famous

By Dana Hall How A Stable Home Led To Success At nineteen years old, it is safe to say that Simone Biles has accomplished a lot in her life. She has so many medals and championship titles to her name, it’s getting hard to keep track. She is the reigning US national all-around champion in gymnastics four years in a row. She has been regarded as the best gymnast of all time, a title she had earned even before setting foot in Rio de Janeiro for her first Olympic games, where she took home four gold medals and one bronze. Taking gymnastics by storm, Biles is so good at what she does, she seems untouchable. “All the girls are like, ‘Simone’s just in her own league. Whoever gets second, that’s the winner,’” says fellow team USA gymnast, Aly Raisman , when describing what it is like to compete against Biles ...
Zenith Irfan Rise Up Eight

Pakistani Woman’s Motivational Story Making Her Father’s Wish Come True

Female Motorcyclist Makes Point For Women's Rights Here's an interesting story of the first Pakistani woman ever to dare ride solo throughout Kashmir, a conservative region of India, on a motorcycle. Only 20 years old and inspired by her deceased father's dream of traveling the world on a bike, Zenith Irfan rode a Honda 125, a Honda CD -70, and a Suzuki GS-150 through the northern region of India. Her journey was not without its bumps, though. Because her own country and Kashmir frowns upon women being motorcycle riders, she had to cover her long hair on the road and wear masculine clothes to make it appear that she was male, so as not to endanger her safety, She even went so far as, like she herself puts it, “to calculate my speech and body language.” (On July 17, 2016, Pakistani celebrity Qandeel Baloch was murdered by her brother, who ...