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98 Year old Woman On Overcoming Coronavirus, Cancer and Building Resilience

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Martha Davis is currently residing in a nursing home in Plymouth Massachusetts. She is a two time Cancer survivor, a COVID-19 Coronavirus survivor, and just celebrated her 98th birthday a few days ago.

We were so impressed with her story that we ended up featuring Martha as one of the stars of our music video for the song, This Town by X: THC.

To call Martha a survivor would be an understatement. She is the matriarch of the huge clan which spans the entire nation, and has experienced many setbacks during her life.

Although we’ve already had one interview with her, unfortunately we could not complete it, because today she was scheduled for bladder cancer surgery.

Once she recovers, we will be scheduling another interview session, which we will be sharing with you as soon as it’s completed.

Just wanted to give you this little preview as something to look forward to, coming soon…

Meanwhile, let’s all pray for Martha’s speedy recovery.


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