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Jeremy Renner On Overcoming Challenges In Life

By Kirstyn Moffat.


Recently, actor Jeremy Renner (most famous for his performance in Avengers) has encountered a couple of obstacles not only in his career, but in his life.
While filming for a soon to be released comedy “Tag,” he fractured his left wrist  and right elbow while performing stunts for the movie. Renner has shared that he doesn’t believe it will get in the way of his upcoming career events, but that it does have a direct impact on his life. Things such as tying his shoes, or putting on clothes, has gone from being a regular daily routine to areas of struggle he cannot achieve on his own successfully.
However, Jeremy believes he will heal up in no time and is doing whatever he can to help that process along, and shared his belief on his Instagram account pictured above, where he simply stated, Fall down seven times… stand up 8!”


Renner’s philosophy on the matter is that he isn’t letting two fractured areas on both of his arms, stand in the way of the healing he knows he can achieve. He isn’t willing to let his ailments keep him down.


Throughout the past few years, Renner has encountered other incidents in both his personal and work life that has tested his ability to prevail.
A very hard-hitting divorce, as well as “accusations” about being gay, pushed his buttons. But instead of letting even these moments define him, he chose to rise above them. He prevailed through his emotionally and mentally taxing separation from his spouse, and he also decided to speak genuinely on the matter of gay pride.


Instead of responding to the accusation as if he was being attacked, he approached it from a humanitarian standpoint. He spoke less on the accusation of being gay itself, and instead inquisitively questioned as to why being gay should take the form of an “accusation” in the first place.


On this topic, he also reflected on how important his daughters’ growing life journey is to him and how things like this matter can impact that for her. He spoke on behalf of the world he would be delighted she grew up in and that he wouldn’t want it to be the world that contained mindsets encouraging false assumptions or to portray ones such as being gay, as a pessimistic hypothesis.


Beyond this, there is something else that is exemplary about Renner. We can assume that his attitude about his recent encounter with adversity came from somewhere, yes? Indeed.
In a recent interview with the Independent,UK, Renner has shared that in his family, he is the oldest of seven siblings. He has a philosophy that he believes was created from this viewpoint: “I just give a lot of people problems. I think that’s my job. It’s my birthright – to give people problems. And not always bad problems. Problems can be good, right? It’s just born in me. It’s in my bones!” he also believes that in life, it is about offering choices, which he also stays true to in his acting career. “The idea is that we are giving. I feel like that’s my job – to give.”


We can take Renner’s philosophy on seeking out problems as a very meritorious way to approach life, as well as a commendable tactic on how to greet life’s strife’s when they knock on our doors. To see struggle as a problem to be solved, and an area to grow – rather than a place to render defeat and be diminished.
In the face of his most recent encounter with adversity, we here at RiseUpEight, support his positive attitude towards overcoming it. Indeed, life can knock us down, break our limbs, or hinder our spirit – but we get back up again, and we prevail.


We wish you a very speedy recovery, Mr. Renner. And we look forward to your dedicated work that comes out on the other side of this speed bump with you.

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  1. Interested in his drumstick fingers. Is it hereditary or does he have any other health issues? These type of fingers could be absolutely nothing to heart problems or lung cancer. He looks healthy and having had an accident with broken bones, I’m sure he got a clean bill of health aside from broken bones from accident. It just whet my curiosity to know more about his heslth


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