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How To Achieve Financial Freedom as a Solopreneur After Losing Everything

Michael O’Neal is host of The Solopreneur Hour audio podcast where he interviews successful solopreneurs in the fields of business and entertainment. The show’s slogan is “Job Security for the Unemployable”, because as we discuss, people who run their businesses independently as solopreneurs are often unemployable in one way or another. Through his podcast and private trainings, he helps people become their own bosses as solopreneurs.


Michael worked in web design and development but eventually found that life to be constricting. He wanted to live a life that fulfilled him instead of working for someone else.


He went through several difficult years where his life completely fell apart and he didn’t know what to do next, but with eight dollars to his name, he set off on an adventure that would change his life.


It’s an inspiring story that we’re happy to share with you today. Here’s our interview with Michael O’Neal.


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