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Inspiring Amputee Story: Child Loses Arms And Legs, Now Becoming An Inspiration To Others

inspiring amputee story becoming an inspiration

Sometimes you never know when you’re going to get an incredible story that really touches you. Someone referred us to Victoria’s story below, and we were immediately interested. Once you read below, you’ll see exactly why. We think the lesson is that everyone faces daily struggles, some more than others, but if we can learn from each other, and how we deal with these daily struggles, that makes our own lives easier to deal with. Here’s Victoria’s story…


My name is Victoria Gallegos. I grew up in a small town in New Mexico. I am a 28 year old quadruple amputee. When I was just 3 years old, on December 24th, 1995, I got Spinal Meningitis.


We were celebrating Christmas Eve at my Grandparent’s house, having a great time. Then, all of a sudden, I wasn’t feeling well. I started throwing up and had a real bad fever within minutes. My family knew something wasn’t right so they rushed me to the hospital, which was about 80 miles away.


While I was in ICU, my skin started burning from the inside out and my heart stopped 3 times. As they brought me back to life they had to amputate all four limbs.


After about 2 months, with lots of physical therapy, I started doing better and was able to leave the hospital. It was then, when I got my first set of leg prosthetics and was slowly able to walk on my own. I’m thankful for my prosthetics everyday.


I was a very determined little girl. I didn’t want anyone to help me because, in my mind, I could figure out a way to do anything. That all has to do with my family and my friends. They are the real reason why I am the strong person that I am today.


I couldn’t imagine how scared my family was when the code blue light went off and they thought they were going to lose me. My family has always been by my side. We’ve had many surgeries, doctor’s appointments, late nights of staying up because I was in so much physical pain. I am truly blessed to have them.


I started pre-k a year after the amputation, and was ready and excited. Since my town was small, I believe all of the kids at my school looked at me as a normal kid because we all grew up with each other. They were always willing to help me. The teachers were great and I had lots of friends growing up, because of that, pre-k through 12th grade was a fun experience for me. I had the best penmanship in my class, and everybody liked to point that out.


I was nervous as adulthood was approaching. Certain thoughts would keep me up at night, like, getting my license, living on my own, going to college. Was I going to be able to do these things?


Luckily, I did. I was able to get my license on the first try. I gradated High School in 2010. Then, I went to college and received my Associate’s degree in Business Office Technology.


While in college, I got a really cool internship working at the front desk. A few years after that I moved back to my home town and got a job at a Credit Union, where I even work by myself sometimes. To me, that’s my greatest accomplishment yet.


Life isn’t always easy. I have my bad days, too. Sometimes I can’t walk for a few days or even a week, that’s hard on me. Also, it doesn’t happen too often but some mornings I’ll wake up and realize that I don’t have my limbs and get scared, sad, sometimes even mad, to where I don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning.


But after a few minutes, I think about how blessed I am to be alive, to be so independent, and to have the support system that I have. That’s when I snap out of it and get of bed and tell myself that life ain’t that bad, it’s actually a pretty good life.


My boyfriend encouraged me to start my very own YouTube channel. I made a channel so that I can help and show people how I do things. I want to show the world that just because we are disabled, doesn’t mean that we are incapable.


My channel is about me doing my hobbies, like; Makeup, Weight Lifting, Video Games, Painting, and Doing Daily Tasks. I figured maybe if I make videos, somebody like me might see them and figure out how to do something that maybe they don’t quite know how to do yet.


My dream is to inspire people. I want people like me to know that anything is possible. We can do anything we put our minds to. We just have to believe in ourselves.


Victoria is overcoming challenges that many of us can’t even comprehend. When we complain of our ills, we can learn a lot from her, and how she deals with her daily struggles. Victoria is an incredible inspiration for every single one of us, and I think we need to applaud her, and support her in her endeavors.


Please support Victoria aka “Queen Vixxy” by following her on YouTube and Instagram. Links below.

Queen Vixxy on You Tube

Queen Vixxy on Instagram


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2 thoughts on “Inspiring Amputee Story: Child Loses Arms And Legs, Now Becoming An Inspiration To Others”

  1. Victoria is a distant relative of mine. I have watched her grow up through pictures and friends and relatives. I applaud her for her courage, determination, strength and her accomplishments.

  2. I taught Victoria in junior high and high school. She truly is amazing. Even when she was given a special touch-screen computer to use, she refused to use it. Instead she used a regular computer. In art she did everything on her own. She wouldn’t accept any help from me or her classmates. She certainly inspired me.


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