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How To Succeed In Entertainment By Staying Positive and Never Giving Up With Sheena Metal

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Sheena Metal, is a multi–faceted entertainment guru. She’s a talk-show host, actress, musician, syndicated columnist, and internet personality and hosts the radio shows, “The Sheena Metal Experience” on LATalkRadio.com,”Haunted Playground” and Music Highway Radio which airs worldwide.


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Sheena also hosts regularly at the Hollywood Improv, and has most recently created a wonderful nonprofit organization called Raising the Vibration – a global movement of peace, love, kindness and unity.


Sheena shares how she overcame adversity to become successful in radio and entertainment. She was also kind enough to share how she overcame her lifelong health issues as well, so if you’ve ever had any health issues to drag you down, this should be helpful in getting you to look at things in a way that serves you.


Here’s our interview with Sheena Metal.

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