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Coaching People On How To Bounce Back From Adversity

Divya Parekh is a business relationship advisor and writing muse, university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional and career leadership coach with over 25 years experience.

Successful in a corporate job, In 2008 she watched as many of her close friends were laid off and worried about being next. But she ended up leaving the company of her own volition to become CEO of The DP Group, and Head Career Coach of International Coach Academy, where she advises business people across 60 countries.

She now runs a successful podcast and has been recognized as ‘VIP of 2013 ’ by Worldwide Who’s Who.

She has also been recognized by the NAPW as ‘VIP Woman of 2014’. Divya has been featured on BBC.com, CBS News, Reuters, Haeretz.com, The NY Daily News, USA Today and many more.


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Here’s our interview with Divya and some insight into how she has overcome adversity and helps others to do so as well


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