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How To Become a Singer That Succeeds in Today’s Highly Competitive Music Industry, Despite Whatever Challenges You Face

Internationally popular singer working her way to success Here is our interview with Natalia Clavier, recording artist and vocalist who works with Thievery Corporation and the Echocentrics, and previously with Federico Aubele. Natalia had a difficult childhood which she was able to move on from by being persistent and determined. She was able to support … Read more

A broken back doesn’t stop this man from being physically active and successful

How To Achieve Music Industry Success Despite Physical Limitations. Tono Miakoda is a successful music entrepreneur who owns W Music, a company that specializes in producer and songwriter management. W Music has worked with some of the world’s most successful record producers, recording engineers, and songwriters, people whose projects have gone further than “Gold” (500,000) … Read more

Childhood Incest Recovery – A Journey Of Healing

Road To Recovery Leads To Best Selling Book . “Healing the devastation of incest is like negotiating a dark labyrinth. But the light at the end is a life of dignity and serenity never known before.” Trysh Ashby-Rolls Trysh grew up in the UK. As both a journalist since 1981 and author since 1991, she … Read more

Kidney Dialysis And Music Touring; These Things Don’t Usually Go Together But They Did For Him

How A Musician Performed Kidney Dialysis On Himself While On Tour Here’s our interview with Patrick Spurgeon, drummer for the band Rogue Wave. What’s amazing about this story is how Patrick performed dialysis on himself while his band was on tour. Around 30 minutes into the interview, we got into a great discussion of why … Read more

A Father and Son Family Reconciliation Led This Man To A Life Changing Experience

By Robert Caraballo. Overcoming Family Problems To Succeed.   On November 1, 2015, Allin Nowenstein completed his first TCS New York City Marathon. Like many New Yorkers and inexperienced runners alike, he jumped in headfirst with the sole expectation of completing 26.2 miles–ignited by chance, heartache, weight gain, and above all, the loss of his father.  … Read more