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Vince Kelvin and Arash Dibazar Rise Up Eight

3 thoughts on “Vince Kelvin and Arash Dibazar Rise Up Eight”

  1. Vince pretended to be my boyfriend so he could film me secretly for a bunch of fake pick up videos. All Vince cared about was filming people and being seen with girls. He was broke and always wanted me to drive him around because I had a BMW. He’s a conned.

  2. I helped Vince pay his parking tickets, put up with his substance abuse, and watched him set people up for fake videos. When he had guests, he’d try to manipulate me into wearing a leopard print bathrobe so people would get the wrong idea. Black women were a joke to him. Vince is 100 years old and still dresses like a Garbage Pail Kid. Once me and my friend made the mistake of going to his house. He tried to film us without our permission so he could edit it and use the content to promote himself as a pick up “artist.” Me and my friend had to run into a closet to escape the camera. Vince would kiss ANYBODY on the street. He pursued me for friendship, but the truth is he just wanted as many women around him as possible to stabilize his ego. He did nothing but try to make me look bad when I was nothing but nice to him.


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