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How To Make It In The Music Industry – An Interview With Mark Desvaux

As a serial entrepreneur, Mark Desvaux ran several successful businesses and moved on to the music industry, where he released two best-selling albums with his music group, Urban Myth Club, performing at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival three times, and signing a publishing deal with Warner Bros. Mark is also is is also an author and … Read more

Best Selling Author Explains How To Overcome Addictions And Fear of Intimacy To Heal Our Relationships

By Michael Nova and Matthew Le Blanc. Addiction Rehab And Therapy Helped Heal Damaged Family Relationships.   Thomas Gagliano is a best-selling author who quit his successful business in order to help others. To achieve this goal, Thomas went back to school and received his MSW at age 51. His first best-selling book, The Problem … Read more