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Hosted by Michael Nova, Rise Up Eight Radio is a podcast that inspires, featuring inspirational people with inspirational stories of overcoming adversity. Each episode takes you through a journey with someone who has fallen down seven times, but has risen up eight. Our goal is to inspire you to never give up, no matter what life throws at you!

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relationship coach teaching people how to love life

How One Man Went Backpacking Across The World To Find Himself And Becomes A Relationship Coach, Teaching People Worldwide How To Love Life

How To Find Love And How To Keep It There is a lot to learn from Bryan Reeves' fantastic story. As a US Air Force Captain, he found himself feeling unfulfilled, so when he got out of the force, he went soul searching, backpacking around the world for a few years until he eventually found himself. In this interview we find out all the specifics of that journey and how he eventually found himself on Oprah, and then coaching people around the world on relationships and how to love life, rather than just getting through each day. Towards the end ...
Natalia Clavier how to become a singer challenges

How To Become a Singer That Succeeds in Today’s Highly Competitive Music Industry, Despite Whatever Challenges You Face

Internationally popular singer working her way to success Here is our interview with Natalia Clavier, recording artist and vocalist who works with Thievery Corporation and the Echocentrics, and previously with Federico Aubele. Natalia had a difficult childhood which she was able to move on from by being persistent and determined. She was able to support herself working many jobs before she became popular as a vocalist, always making the best of difficult situations. Natalia was also kind enough to let us her into her personal experience of how she was able to free herself of addictions and anxiety by the ...

Starting A Business In Another Country And Making It A Success; It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Christopher Browning is a business and confidence coach that works with clients internationally and is currently based in Vietnam. In this episode of Rise Up Radio, Michael Nova discusses with Christopher how anyone can start a business in another country and become successful at it. We also discuss how Christopher works with his clients to help them become successful in their own businesses, and also his podcast, called Shaving with chainsaws, and finally, how Christopher himself was able to get past his own limitations to become successful... Or listen to RISE UP RADIO on Itunes here ...
Dave Rothenberg motivational story

How To Become A Radio Talk Show Host; How To Succeed Where Others Have Failed

How a radio talk show host worked his way up to the top, from the ground up and how you can too. ESPN Radio's Dave Rothenberg shares with us what it takes to become successful in radio. Through working and living in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Carolina, and New York, and through additional work with MLB.com, Air America, Sirius, Cablevision, and NFL Network, Dave built a resume that ESPN could not ignore, but it took years of low-paying, hard work, and one bloody hotel room. Now he is the host of the Dave Rothenberg show on 98.7 FM ESPN New York ...

Kidney Dialysis And Music Touring; These Things Don’t Usually Go Together But They Did For Him

How A Musician Performed Kidney Dialysis On Himself While On Tour Here's our interview with Patrick Spurgeon, drummer for the band Rogue Wave. What's amazing about this story is how Patrick performed dialysis on himself while his band was on tour. Around 30 minutes into the interview, we got into a great discussion of why bad things happen to good people. We came to kind of a revelation on this, and I think you'll find it interesting. Then at about 40 minutes in, we finally discuss the MUSIC, which is what saved Pat during all his trials and tribulations. Here's ...