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How To Be Successful

Interviews with successful people are featured here. Learn how to achieve financial freedom and how to be successful from people who have achieved it! Get business ideas and learn how to make money through these interviews with successful people who have turned difficult challenges into successes. Whether you want to further your career, are starting a business or launching a product there is much here to gain inspiration from…


Kidney Dialysis And Music Touring; These Things Don’t Usually Go Together But They Did For Him

How A Musician Performed Kidney Dialysis On Himself While On Tour Here's our interview with Patrick Spurgeon, drummer for the band Rogue Wave. What's amazing about this story is how Patrick performed dialysis on himself while his band was on tour. Around 30 minutes into the interview, we got into ...
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Julia Nunes

How YouTube Success Raised Over $200,000 Through Crowdfunding And Now Building Career In Music

How YouTube Popularity Led To Success Julia Nunes has had a rather unique rise in the music industry. She built her audience on YouTube, and faced some unique challenges doing it that way, but overcame them to become a hit. Below is our interview with her and we think you'll ...
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neil siegel fall down seven times rise up eight

Finding Love Online Overseas and Starting a Business – How One Man Did Both

How to start a business on a budget. Neil Siegel, a local shopkeeper based in Queens, New York, is a beloved fixture in his neighborhood. He owns a small health food store called Neil's Natural. Over the years, Neil has built a reputation for himself as the go-to guy for ...
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tony tinervia autistic inventor

Overcoming Autism to Become an Inventor – Nothing Is Impossible

If you have autism, it does not mean you can't be successful in life! Meet Tony Tinervia, whose struggle with ASD (autism spectrum disorder, formerly Asperger Syndrome) led to more than a few falls before he rose up to conquer—and learn to live with—his condition. Autism spectrum disorder, in most ...
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Simone Biles

How Adoption Helped Simone Biles Become World Famous

By Dana Hall How A Stable Home Led To Success At nineteen years old, it is safe to say that Simone Biles has accomplished a lot in her life. She has so many medals and championship titles to her name, it’s getting hard to keep track. She is the reigning ...
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