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Healthy living! Read inspiring health and wellness interviews and motivational stories from people who have recovered from illness, injury or other health issues. After reading these, you will realize that the “Impossible” = “I’m possible”!

Eating Disorder Recovery: Teenagers Form Successful Non-Profit Helping People Find Funding For Treatment

Eating Disorder Recovery: Teenagers Form Successful Non-Profit Helping People Find Funding For Treatment

Eating Disorder Treatment Funding Help From Project Heal Meet Kristina Saffran, who founded Project HEAL, an organization that helps people with eating disorders find funding for their treatment. That’s only half of the story. Kristina, together with her friend Liana Roseman (at left), a fellow eating disorder survivor, founded the ...
Charles Scopoletti beating cancer

Beating Cancer Twice Gave This Musician Two More Reasons To Become Successful

By Michael Nova Overcoming Childhood Cancer Musician Charlie Scopoletti has certainly had his share of falling down seven times and rising up eight, but through his music and fundraising, he's helped to raise over $1,000,000 for charities, and has been honored by his hometown Port Chester NY with a proclamation ...
Julia blues find your passion

How to find your passion in life: cashing the ultimate paycheck

By Dana Hall Finding your passion can mean experimentation With a job history covering everything from work as a corrections officer to doing makeup for bridal parties, it is safe to say that fear of the unknown isn’t an issue for Julia Blues. New experiences are never a problem. For ...
Mollie Adler breast cancer survivor

Breasts and brownies: how a breast cancer survivor runs a successful baking business without two crucial senses – smell and taste

By Dana Hall When faced with numerous challenges, how can we  succeed? The past two years have been a struggle for Mollie Adler. A recent divorce had resulted in a house that is now in foreclosure, and she was faced with the new challenges of being a single mother. On ...
Rikki Rockett interview with Rise Up Eight

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment and Fatherhood Gives Rock Star Rikki Rockett New Perspective

By Michael Nova Part I: Rikki's Music Industry Careers We spent a lot of time with the longtime drummer of the rock band Poison, Rikki Rockett. Rikki has not only a great rock 'n roll story, but also has a great comeback story. He was diagnosed with oral cancer last year, ...