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Healthy living! Read inspiring health and wellness interviews and motivational stories from people who have recovered from illness, injury or other health issues. After reading these, you will realize that the “Impossible” = “I’m possible”!

Risking Their Lives For A Life Worth Living: A Survival Story

Risking Their Lives For A Life Worth Living: A Survival Story

By Dana Hall *Parts of this interview have been edited and names have been changed. Special thanks to Devin Wilcox-McCombs for providing information on some of the elements of Kaddyjatou’s story.   To call the past few years challenging would be an understatement for Kaddyjatou Fatty. Born and raised in ...
Overcoming health challenges through art

Overcoming Health Challenges Through Art

  Carina's story below is one of overcoming numerous health challenges to find her calling in life, and to achieve success as an artist. Through her many setbacks, she learned more and more about herself and what she really wanted out of life. This is why we always say that ...
how to not see yourself as a victim

How To Not See Yourself As A Victim, Despite Setbacks

We just received an email today from someone who has a story to tell. It's a story on not seeing yourself as a victim despite whatever setbacks you may have experienced in life. This comes from a young person who has experienced more than she should have at this point ...
Coaching People On How To Bounce Back From Adversity

Coaching People On How To Bounce Back From Adversity

Divya Parekh is a business relationship advisor and writing muse, university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional and career leadership coach with over 25 years experience. Successful in a corporate job, In 2008 she watched as many of her close friends were laid off and worried about being next. But she ...
D Grant Smith healing a broken heart

Healing A Broken Heart – How To Go Through Hell And Come Out Whole

We came across D Grant Smith's work through an interview we saw online, and was immediately struck by how genuine this man was in his communication, and willing to help people. As it turns out, D has his own story of learning to become resilient through the experience of not ...