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Healthy living! Read inspiring health and wellness interviews and motivational stories from people who have recovered from illness, injury or other health issues. After reading these, you will realize that the “Impossible” = “I’m possible”!

Kim Castellano fall down seven times rise up eight

“A Walk in a Widow’s Shoes” – A Story Of Family Suicide Recovery

How To Survive Suicide Of A Loved One. Someone personally recommended Kim to us because she is someone who has experienced great loss, and yet she has turned that around to help others who find themselves in a similar situation. Kim Castellano is the author of the book, A Walk ...
tony tinervia autistic inventor

Overcoming Autism to Become an Inventor – Nothing Is Impossible

If you have autism, it does not mean you can't be successful in life! Meet Tony Tinervia, whose struggle with ASD (autism spectrum disorder, formerly Asperger Syndrome) led to more than a few falls before he rose up to conquer—and learn to live with—his condition. Autism spectrum disorder, in most ...
Lisa Cohen rise up eight

“Don’t Be a Victim” – Living with Illness on Your Own Terms

Having An Illness Doesn't Mean You Can't Be Productive Lisa Cohen is an inspiration. She started the website, Rockstar Women With MS after writing the best selling book, Overcome The BS of MS. Lisa is a woman who didn't let multiple sclerosis stop her from living a full life, tempting as ...
Daniel Chidiac motivational story

How To Find Purpose in Life: This Man’s Journey Led Him To Writing A Book On How He Found His

Have you ever felt lost in life, trying to find where you belong? Daniel Chidiac is an acclaimed author whose works have been described as "a unique philosophy,"  with "a clear and positive understanding of how the world works." He is the author of the #1 best-selling book, "Who Says ...
Fabian Alsultany inspirational story

How To Succeed In Music Was Only One Challenge; Overcoming Cancer Was Another

How Networking Matters In The Music Industry. Fabian Alsultany is the music industry's true renaissance man. Fabian was an NYC club kid in the late 1980s. Since then, DJ Alsultany AKA Sultan 32 has performed at many major festivals, world-class nightclubs and venues, conferences, and yoga and retreat centers throughout ...