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Healthy living! Read inspiring health and wellness interviews and motivational stories from people who have recovered from illness, injury or other health issues. After reading these, you will realize that the “Impossible” = “I’m possible”!

relationship coach teaching people how to love life

How One Man Went Backpacking Across The World To Find Himself And Becomes A Relationship Coach, Teaching People Worldwide How To Love Life

How To Find Love And How To Keep It There is a lot to learn from Bryan Reeves' fantastic story. As a US Air Force Captain, he found himself feeling unfulfilled, so when he got out of the force, he went soul searching, backpacking around the world for a few ...

Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery; Finding the Skills to Work Through It Successfully

By Dana Hall It is a little-known fact that eating disorders claim more lives than any other mental illness. Categorized as anxiety disorders, many victims find forms of comfort in their eating disorders, using them to feel a sense of control in life. As an eating disorder progresses, the victim begins ...
Dee Evans positive attitude

How This Double Amputee Mother Is Finding Purpose Inspiring Others

How To Keep A Positive Attitude Despite Misfortune Once in a while you come across a story that makes you say "wow." This is one of them. Dee Evans is a woman who has had both of her legs amputated. After you read her story, you may never say "I ...

How Family Relationships And Faith Helped a Musician Celebrate Recovery

Recovery from illness and family reconciliation. James Michael McLester is a professional drummer who has a great comeback story. Throughout his career, he has opened for such legendary rock acts as Pantera, Alice Cooper, Tesla, and many more. He shared the stage with former Skid Row lead vocalist Johnny Solinger ...
Natalia Clavier how to become a singer challenges

How To Become a Singer That Succeeds in Today’s Highly Competitive Music Industry, Despite Whatever Challenges You Face

Internationally popular singer working her way to success Here is our interview with Natalia Clavier, recording artist and vocalist who works with Thievery Corporation and the Echocentrics, and previously with Federico Aubele. Natalia had a difficult childhood which she was able to move on from by being persistent and determined ...