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Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight, The Album

What a long road this has been! After many years of setbacks and challenges overcome, we are happy to announce the release of X: THC’s long-awaited follow up music album “Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight”.

It’s been named so to promote this website and to help inspire people to overcome adversity. Every song on the album highlights a different adversity that we are going through in 2021. We hope it inspires you!

You can download two free tracks at https://x-thc.com/no-fear/ as a preview. One of the songs, entitled “No Fear” is an anti-bullying song. There is power in knowing that you are not alone.

A portion of our proceeds will be donated to charities that support our mission, and the remainder will go towards furthering our message and supporting this RiseUpEight.org website.

The album is available for purchase on the aforementioned website HERE, and also at all online retailers, including Itunes, etc., etc. Please help support our work by purchasing the album.

Here’s more information on the album, track by track…

1. A Tale Of Two Cities is a song about young people who are afraid to expose themselves to possible loss, so they lock themselves away, either literally or figuratively or both, in order not to experience the pain they perceive will be greater than the loneliness they feel now.

2. Colors is about what we are seeing in our society currently, with people rallying all across the United States, and the world against bigotry and prejudice, however there are those that seek to take advantage of the situation for their own gain

3. Hate Parade is about leadership, and how leaders can take advantage of their followers in a way that is detrimental to society.

4. No Fear is the aforementioned anti-bullying video, which speaks from the viewpoint of someone who has been bullied and overcome it in order to inspire someone who is currently going through it.

5. Seasons is about life, and about how each of us goes through periods of ups and downs and how if we can look at it as the natural changing of seasons, we can actually take it as an opportunity rather than a setback.

6. This Town is about a town, a city, the whole world inspired to rally together against a common adversity, whether it be a natural disaster, a man-made disaster or a pandemic spreading across the world.

7. Banksters is about the banking industry, the corruption behind the scenes and the struggle for economic equality.

8. Silent Snow is about the struggle to pull yourself out of the dark pit of depression, and staying out of it.

9. Make Believe is about what can happen if we continue to allow economic inequality in the world to continue. The middle-class is fading away and this song highlights the issue.

10. The Land Of The Free is a song about a life barely lived because of a job you go to every day that takes over your life and makes you feel miserable. Have you break out of the pattern of needing your job to survive, yet being miserable in it on a day-to-day basis?

As you can see, this is not exactly a lighthearted romp of la-de-das, but a serious exploration of the human condition in 2021. You can read some of the early reviews here.

More to come…

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