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Career Opportunities, The Ones That Never Knock – How The Worst Experience Of Your Life Can Turn Out To Be The Best

Nicole Prutch has over 10 years of experience in the music industry, film, TV, radio and publishing.


She started her career at the radio station she listened to while growing up – KFOG radio in San Francisco, while studying for her undergraduate degree at the University of Cal Berkeley. Nicole went on to receive her masters degree in the UK from London Metropolitan University, where she then worked in music supervision for the BBC.


She is currently music supervisor at the TV marketing agency Lussier in California, where she regularly places music in film and TV projects from Sony pictures, 20th Century Fox, ABC, A&E, USA, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, the Amazon and Discovery networks and many more.


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Nicole worked her way through school waiting tables and continued doing that during the early part of her career, as well as driving a car for Lyft, and working for Sears, before she was able to establish herself in music and film. There were times of doubt and times of feeling lost, but the most interesting part of Nicole’s story is the turning point in her life when she suddenly realized that she needed to really go out on a limb and commit to her career.


The catalyst was a completely unexpected incident that led her down the path of success that she is on now, and as it turned out, the worst thing in her life may have paradoxically turned out to be the best thing.


Here’s our podcast interview with Nicole Prutch below…


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