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inspirational love story Marco and Danielle

“Like newlyweds after eight years” – How to keep the passion alive in marriage

Marco and Danielle met eight years ago, and they finally tied the knot a year ago. They've both been through the wringer of dating the wrong people, going down the wrong roads, and now, anyone that knows this couple, knows that they are very close and very much in love, and after eight years, ...

Kidney Dialysis And Music Touring; These Things Don’t Usually Go Together But They Did For Him

Here's our interview with Patrick Spurgeon, drummer for the band Rogue Wave. What's amazing about this story is how Patrick performed dialysis on himself while his band was on tour. Around 30 minutes into the interview, we got into a great discussion of why bad things happen to good people. We came to kind of ...
Julia Nunes

How YouTube Success Raised Over $200,000 Through Crowdfunding And Now Building Career In Music

Julia Nunes has had a rather unique rise in the music industry. She built her audience on YouTube, and faced some unique challenges doing it that way, but overcame them to become a hit. Below is our interview with her and we think you'll find it enlightening, in more ways than one.
Julia, ...
Steph addiction recovery

A Haystack Full Of Needles: How To Overcome Addiction Against All Odds

By Dana Hall If anyone is showing the world that odds were made to be beaten, it’s Steph Beaumont. To say that she has overcome a troubled past wouldn’t be doing her story the justice it deserves. A lifelong substance abuser, Steph first began experimenting with alcohol at age five. She was exposed to hard ...
Allin family therapy

A Father and Son Family Reconciliation Led This Man To A Life Changing Experience

By Robert Caraballo. On November 1, 2015, Allin Nowenstein completed his first TCS New York City Marathon. Like many New Yorkers and inexperienced runners alike, he jumped in headfirst with the sole expectation of completing 26.2 miles--ignited by chance, heartache, weight gain, and above all, the loss of his father.  Today, Allin agreed to share his ...
Kim Castellano fall down seven times rise up eight

“A Walk in a Widow’s Shoes” – A Story Of Family Suicide Recovery

Someone personally recommended Kim to us because she is someone who has experienced great loss, and yet she has turned that around to help others who find themselves in a similar situation. Kim Castellano is the author of the book, A Walk in a Widow’s Shoes. The book tells the story of how her ...