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Rikki Rockett interview with Rise Up Eight

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment and Fatherhood Gives Rock Star Rikki Rockett New Perspective

By Michael Nova Part I: Rikki's Music Industry Careers We spent a lot of time with the longtime drummer of the rock band Poison, Rikki Rockett. Rikki has not only a great rock 'n roll story, but also has a great comeback story. He was diagnosed with oral cancer last year, went through nine rounds of ...

Chicago Cubs Are World Champions Of Baseball – Fall Down 107 Times, Rise Up 108

To a man, the players all talked about how the team never gave up. Even the opposing manager, Terry Francona praised Chicago's beloved "Cubbies" when he said, "A lot of teams would have folded". The Cubs faced a three to one game deficit in the World Series and were one game away from elimination. Then ...

How To Become a Music Artist That is Successful in More Ways Than One

By Michael Nova Finding Your Own Road To Success Takes Time Jordan Rudess is arguably one of the greatest rock keyboardists of all time. He has been a member of music groups Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment since 1997 and is also known for his solo work. Jordan also founded the Wizdom Music ...
Demi Lovato Story

Demi Lovato’s Substance Abuse Treatment and The Road To Recovery

By Dana Hall. In November, 2010, Demi Lovato an announcement no one saw coming: she was going to rehab. The news came as a surprise to fans and news outlets alike: Lovato was considered by many to be one of the few child stars who had managed to stay out of trouble. As audiences would ...
Keanon Kyles rise up eight

How to make it in the music industry; life as an opera singing janitor – to quit music was not an option

Photo from ABC7, Chicago. Meet a janitor who never gave up on his dream to become an opera singer. After years of 90-hour work weeks sandwiched between grueling rehearsals and little sleep, the 28-year-old singer has finally landed the role of a lifetime: a lead role in Puccini's signature work, La Bohème. We wanted to ...
Sean Livingston injury

“My Purpose…to Inspire People”: Shaun Livingston’s Inspiring Injury Recovery Leads To NBA Title

By Cheryl Anne Groth Never a man to sit on the sidelines and whine, NBA basketball player, Shaun Livingston turned tragedy into triumph when he overcame an injury that would have ended most players’ career to lead the Golden State Warriors to an NBA championship in 2015. But it didn’t happen overnight. Livingston’s work ethic ...