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hungry in America Megan Bradley

Growing up hungry in America: How this woman’s childhood hunger inspired her to find her life’s passion

By Dana Hall Hunger in America is widespread, despite common belief Growing up, Megan Bradley was one of the millions of children in the United States experiencing hunger. Raised in a loving family, it wasn’t until Megan was around nine or ten that she noticed she was different from her peers at school. Unlike those ...
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chris gardner fall down seven times rise up eight

Chris Gardner -how to become successful from the bottom up

Photo:Jason Dunn. When we think about stories for our "show me the money" category, the 2006 film, The Pursuit of Happyness, starring Will Smith, comes to mind. What you may not know is that this film follows the real-life story of entrepreneur Chris Gardner, who rose up from homelessness to become a millionaire stockbroker. Will ...
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Mollie Adler breast cancer survivor

Breasts and brownies: how a breast cancer survivor runs a successful baking business without two crucial senses – smell and taste

By Dana Hall When faced with numerous challenges, how can we  succeed? The past two years have been a struggle for Mollie Adler. A recent divorce had resulted in a house that is now in foreclosure, and she was faced with the new challenges of being a single mother. On top of it all, Mollie ...
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Rikki Rockett interview with Rise Up Eight

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment and Fatherhood Gives Rock Star Rikki Rockett New Perspective

By Michael Nova Part I: Rikki's Music Industry Careers We spent a lot of time with the longtime drummer of the rock band Poison, Rikki Rockett. Rikki has not only a great rock 'n roll story, but also has a great comeback story. He was diagnosed with oral cancer last year, went through nine rounds of ...
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Chicago Cubs Are World Champions Of Baseball – Fall Down 107 Times, Rise Up 108

To a man, the players all talked about how the team never gave up. Even the opposing manager, Terry Francona praised Chicago's beloved "Cubbies" when he said, "A lot of teams would have folded". The Cubs faced a three to one game deficit in the World Series and were one game away from elimination. Then ...
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How To Become a Music Artist That is Successful in More Ways Than One

By Michael Nova Finding Your Own Road To Success Takes Time Jordan Rudess is arguably one of the greatest rock keyboardists of all time. He has been a member of music groups Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment since 1997 and is also known for his solo work. Jordan also founded the Wizdom Music ...
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